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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  September 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in fact, in an msnbc exclusive, she is saying sorry. clinton says it's not because she did anything wrong. but because the whole thing has been confusing. nbc's steve handelsman is in washington tonight. steve, we know her poll numbers are sinking. but will this be enough to win over voters? >> reporter: big question, shiba. that's her big question. you know that. the former senator and secretary of state looked more relaxed than she has on msnbc today. she sounded more contrite. but still walked the tight rope, saying she wishes she had not used that controversial server, but insisted she did it legally. >> i'm going to answer these questions. >> reporter: hillary clinton did not apologize for the e-mail controversy crippling her campaign. in her one-on-one with andrea mitchell on msnbc. >> certainly doesn't make me feel good. but i am very confident that by the time this campaign has run its course, people will know that what i've been saying is accurate.
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>> reporter: clinton says she is sorry, but not for what she did. using a secret private e-mail server. >> at the end of the day, i am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions. >> reporter: questions by democrats about whether joe biden should run. >> he has to make a really difficult decision. >> reporter: biden was somber at a synagogue in atlanta last night. >> the honest to god answer is i just don't know. >> reporter: because he says he just lost his son, beau. >> the most relevant factor in my decision is whether my family and i have the emotional energy to run. >> reporter: in the oval office today, biden wore a smile. he says he does not know when he will decide. but he says clinton's struggles are not a factor. but she is at a place where even a light question on personal preference is touchy. >> text or e-mail. not sure that's appropriate. we asked that question, we're asking you. >> e-mail.
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>> reporter: in a new gal up lup poll, 74% of democrats have a positive opinion of hillary clinton, but her lowest number of. live from washington, steve handelsman, news 4 new york. republican front runner donald trump says if there is anyone who can improve the proposed nuclear deal with iran, it's him. >> we have an agreement. it's a horrible agreement. i will make that agreement so tough and if they break it, they will have hell to pay. >> calling into msnbc's "morning joe" he said the deal was negotiated by, as he put it, totally incompetent people. unlike his gop rivals, trump says he would work with the existing deal to hold iran more accountable if it strays from its terms. you can learn more on our website about all the candidates running for president. just visit and search decision 2016. coming up, a tsa agent busted at kennedy airport,
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charged with swiping a passenger's $7,000 watch. >> wait until you hear what investigators say she did with it to avoid getting caught. and later -- >> reporter: sick of speeders. one local community is now taking matters into their own hands. i'm marc santia. coming up on news 4, how this community is taking to social media to slow drivers down. >> here she is now. ellen degeneres! >> please welcome in her first talk show appearance, caitlyn jenner. how do you feel? >> fabulous. >> who is the toughest person to tell? you work nights so you can care for your dad. i would like to pay it forward to you right now.
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a wild crash there caught on camera in los angeles. this lexus not only slammed into a liquor store, the woman driving then backed up into the parking lot and hit four parked cars. and then still in reverse, circled back around and ended up hitting a barber shop. needless to say, the crash left damage behind. we haven't been told exactly how it happened or how the call to the insurance company went. police say there are no charges at this point. calling it just an accident and thankfully nobody was hurt. a crackdown on several long
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island bars accused of serving liquor to an undercover agent under the age of 21. 16 bartenders now facing several charges, including the prohibited sale of alcohol. they work at mckeeb's, the dizzy lizzie. the bars are located near where classes began this week. all bartenders due back in court later this month. rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter could soon be reunited with the man charged with sending her a nude photo. and a 76-year-old woman fights back as men with guns force their way into her home. why she may have been targeted. first, our social pic of the day. we have been keeping an eye on the holiday weekend commute. things moving along smoothly. nonetheless, a quiet and dramatic looking scene at the subway stop in brooklyn sent by instagram user oliver cohen. >> if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it to or use #nbc4ny when posting to twitter
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or instagram. you may be selected as the social pic of the day.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00. four more counties in new jersey are being asked to limit their water usage as drought conditions in the garden state get worse. and it's already affecting some businesses. and if you think you're seeing double when you look at the current class of kids at lynn brook kindergarten, well, you are. we've got those stories and much more all-new tonight when sibilia and i see you at 6:00. shiba? >> all right, david, thank you. this is breaking right now. a college student from connecticut who disappeared while swimming in the eastern province of south africa has been found dead. 19-year-old nicholas upton was a
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junior at george washington university, studying abroad. school officials say his body was found earlier today. sadly. tonight we are getting video into our newsroom of a violent home invasion in philadelphia. you can hear the scream of a woman there as she is pushed into her home by two masked gunmen. the woman's 76-year-old mother can be seen trying to choke the intruder. those are her arms. as a second gunman enters the home. the fight continues. the struggle going on. after all of that, though, the men got away with nothing. the woman says she was targeted because she owns a nearby business. a massachusetts police officer has been fired for allegedly making up a story about someone shooting at him, and now there is a warrant out for his arrest. brian johnson, 24 years old, worked for the millis police department about an hour outside boston. wednesday night, he reported that a gunman fired at him and caused him to crash his cruiser.
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according to investigators, evidence at the scene contradicted his story. >> we have determined that the officer's story was fabricated. specifically that he fired shots at his own cruiser as part of a plan to concoct a story that he was fired upon. >> it is not clear yet why johnson allegedly would make up such a story. a tsa screener at jfk is accused of helping herself to some luxury jewelry. 41-year-old margo grand la ray of brooklyn resigned after stealing a $7,000 watch. to make matters worse, officials say she destroyed it when she saw co-workers looking for it. the owner of the watch accidentally left it behind while going through security at terminal 7. new tonight, a new jersey judge has lifted an order, barring contact between rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter and a man accused of sending her obscene pictures. chelsea o'donnell asked to have the order lifted, but has turned 18, since the man in question, 25-year-old steven sheerer, was arrested. chelsea o'donnell was found at
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his barnegat home after running away from south nyack, new york. she was 17 at the time. sheerer remains in jail. it is a labor day tradition, and the seventh annual electric zoo music festival on long island. one of the largest in the country. two years ago it was cut short after two died from a drug overdose and last year because of stormy weather. a wild and exotic animal found wandering the streets of a southern california neighborhood. there you go. someone spotted this bengali siberian tiger abandoned, injured and declawed and turned him into the humane society. 25 pounds here of cub now being treated at a nearby sanctuary that houses other exotic animals. animal control officers say he'll have to undergo surgery for his injuries. >> that's pretty dangerous for
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the average person to do something like that. i have never seen a cub come through our doors, anyway, in 20 years i've been doing this. >> animal control experts say the tiger is probably someone's pet, which is against the law in california. when i first heard that sound, i thought it was not coming from that cub. but that was real sound. >> a way downs the line. >> looks so cute and cuddly. >> and he is cute, but he's going to grow up to be a pretty big animal. i just wonder how people get those animals. how do they get them in from -- it's kind of crazy. >> it happens. >> all right. well -- >> how is the weekend looking? >> pretty nice. today so far up to 85 degrees. that was our high today. lower humidity coming in over the weekend. fantastic temperatures too. a lot of clouds today, still a few out there. in the 70s in red bank, point pleasant, howell. you go inland, it warms up around 80 in princeton and sayreville. these are very comfortable temperatures for sure.
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70s to the low 80s across the area. and for the weekend, especially for saturday and sunday, going to be just fantastic. the clouds are finally starting to clear out. pushing westward and we're starting to see clearing across most of the tristate area and that's going to be the general trend. and after a cool start in the morning, 80 tomorrow afternoon. 86 on sunday. and back to the heat on monday. but nice dry skies for your holiday weekend coming up. the heat returns early next week. in the meantime, it is going to be cool tonight in a lot of spots. 60s in the city. not too far up towards east chester. garden city, a low of 61. in the 50s in cold spring. fairfield, bethel, right around 56. ocean grove, low tonight 64. and for tomorrow, enjoy your saturday. 80 in scarsdale. winds continue out of the east. 82 in so maniers. liberty at 79. most shore areas, sag harbor in
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the 70s to near 80 tomorrow. the best way to end summer. sort. unofficial end of summer but fantastic weekend. long three-day weekend. up to 86 on sunday. by monday, the 90s return on labor day. but it's going to be like two or three days worth. and then some thunderstorms in the forecast. we need the rain pretty badly. it is going to be out of the holiday part of the weekend. so by the middle of next week, stormy weather coming into play. in the meantime, enjoy your labor day weekend, everybody. >> all right. janice, thank you. same to you. if you're looking for a good laugh and chance to see well-known comedians on stage, here's how to do that without spending a dime. >> lynda baquero tells us about free comedy night in this week's freebie friday. see some of the best up and coming comedians at the popular upright citizens brigade. monday nights are free. and recent surprise special guests include chris rock and louie ck. every monday through december,
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avenue in queens. for the lineup, go to linda lynda baquero, news 4 new york. >> great deals there. come up, neighbors take matters into their own hands to put the brakes on drivers putting their pedal to the metal. >> including shaming them. that's next on news 4.
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minimum. new tonight. neighbors on one staten island street are fed up with drivers treating their road like a racetrack. >> so they're hoping a little social media shaming will get
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them to change their ways. it's on a one-mile stretch of greeley avenue. news 4's marc santia is in the midland beach section to explain. marc? >> reporter: gus, neighbors here reached out to news 4. they said they were tired of all the speeding, so they were ready to take matters and cell phones into their own hands. >> they go so fast. they don't stop. >> reporter: utter the word speeding on great dealy avenue on staten island, and you'll get an earful. >> the car that came through my cfence, you want to know about that one or the car that came down here and wiped out my two cars. >> when we were young, we used to play football, be able to play football on the street. now you can't even walk on it. >> reporter: just how bad is it? the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. we watched this digital speed sign installed by the city and set our watch. while not everyone was over the limit, that driver was speeding. so was that driver. 32.
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36. in just ten minutes, we saw 57 drivers going faster than the posted speed. some nearly double the limit. in that ten minutes, we spotted 57 speeders on greeley? surprised? >> not at all. they're always doing that. >> we're trying to slow down the people by doing this. >> reporter: sick of speeders, eamon is recording video of led-footed drivers and posting on social media. >> maybe they'll tell neighbors, slow down. we'll prevent accidents from happening. by doing this. >> reporter: and while some hope for speed bumps or stop signs, they say shaming speeders, well, if it means putting the brakes on drivers and saving a life, they'll gladly keep liking and sharing. >> yes! yes. that's what they should do. >> just slow down. i don' know why people are always in such a rush. >> reporter: the nypd tells news 4, in the last four weeks,
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they'v ae written 30 summons in this area. neighbors tell us they appreciate the effort, but they also say with school starting soon, they are going to continue to shame speeders and social media until the word gets out. live, marc santia, news 4 new york. >> thank you, marc. and thank you for watching. >> stay right here. the news continues at 6:00. live, from studio 3c in rockefeller center. this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00, drought concerns grow in new jersey, as more counties are asked to limit their water usage. >> an update on people hurt in midtown when a large tree branch came crashing down on them. and the city councilman who wants an outright ban on all drone flights in new york city after last night's u.s. open incident. good evening, everyone, i'm sibilia vargas. >> i'm david ushery. chuck is off tonight. while many will soak up sun this labor day weekend, there is concern about a spreading drought in new jersey. >> united water has asked
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customers to limit water usage outdoors and conserve indoors. and today new jersey american water added four more counties to that list, asking its customers in essex, morris, and somerset to voluntarily restrict water usage. >> beyond suburban lawns, drought conditions starting to have some serious consequences. we have team coverage with meteorologist janice huff and new jersey reporter brian thompson joining us live from a withering cornfield in east brunswick. let's begin with brian. >> reporter: yeah. in this field, all the rain in the world can't save this corn crop now. i had one farmer tell me that california has come to new jersey, and this latest appeal for conservation you just mentioned could become more serious more quickly. in bergen county, united water was first out of the gate earlier this week with the appeal for voluntary conservation. its three main reservoirs below 50% capacity, with this warning.
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>>e may be headed into mandatory restrictions if demand continues to be high and we see no rain. >> reporter: ten days ago, a noaa drought monitor map showed abnormally dry conditions in northeast new jersey only. now that designation covers most of the state, with the northeast rated as being in a more severe moderate drought. the threat to drinking water supply making jersey water appeal to its north jersey customers now. what did well? >> well, our early corn did all right. sweet corn. >> reporter: for farmer bob kellerman, the hot, relentless sun, has been burning up corn fields since a promising start to the growing season a few months ago. inside his farm stand, customers still come for the crops he has been able to irrigate. they're fine. look at these two ears of corn. the smaller on the left is keller n's. on the right, from another farm. >> people are still buying and saying it's the best corn they've had. it's still sweet, just not as big and you're not getting your
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money's worth, i don't think. >> reporter: i shucked this ear of peeled corn and the lack of water shows in the dimples on each kerrnell of corn. he doesn't have time to keep everything irrigated so this zucchini crop is also a lost cause. and with these drought conditions brigadier to the fields to find anything moist -- >> i never had them eat zucchini before. >> reporter: the proof, of course, is in the cob. that's it for this piece -- this cob of field corn. now, river and stream levels have been going down pretty severely. but the ground water is doing well across new jersey. that's important. and most of the reservoirs are doing well. for example, the big one in northwest new jersey. newark doesn't have any water problems right now. nonetheless, officials say while
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we're doing okay now, who knows, we're all waiting on the weather to break. live in east brunswick, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> all right, brian. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff for more on how long the dry conditions could last. >> sibilia, unfortunately, the dryness will not break through this holiday weekend. it's great news for all of you who have outdoor plans for the three-day weekend with dry conditions. it's just not good news in terms of replenishing the deficits we have seen around our area. by labor day, we're back up to around 90 degrees, so the heat returns early next week. and still no signs of significant rainfall. these numbers are the deficits. how far below average we are since the 1st of the year. and central park is running a rainfall deficit of just over 6 inches. it ranges from 3.5 inches in newark to over 8.5 inches in islip. and long island is one of the worst areas, has been most of


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